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  University Hospital Institute For Infectious and Tropical Diseases offering PHD STUDENT & ENGINEERS POSITIONS  

University Hospital Institute For Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Marseille, France


The University Hospital Institute (IHU) “Méditerranée Infection” in Marseille is a 600-personnel medical institute (MD, PhD, pharmacists, biology researchers, engineers and technicians, and HCW) working on infectious diseases.

It includes the largest diagnostic and research microbiology laboratory in France. Providing one of the largest genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic platform, it is one leader within the fields of microbiology, infectious diseases and emerging infections ; it is also a key organ within the European surveillance network for imported infectious diseases. See additional information on

We are offering 3 3-year PHD positions for students to work on the following topics :

1. Point of Care (POC)
2. Transfer and industrial development
3. Conflict of interest

As well as 2 ENGINEER positions in the following domains :

1. Microbiogenomics
2. Collections (this position is also open to a technician)

To apply please send a curriculum vitae with a covering letter to

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